Giulio Prevedello

Sony CSL

Giulio’s research activity started at Hamilton Institute in Maynooth University (Ireland), where he completed his PhD in Applied Mathematics by carrying out statistical analysis and probabilistic modelling for biology. After one year postdoc at Institut Curie (France), he joined Sony CSL Paris where he now works as Associate Researcher in data science to understand patterns of success in the music industry and in the news. He coordinates, for Sony CSL, the EU project VALAWAI on the development of an AI that is aware of moral values. Such a technology will enable the inclusion of a moral dimension in the analysis of the public discourse in social media.

VALAWAI, value-aware AI

Value-Aware AI is an AI performing the same function as human moral consciousness, namely the capacity to acquire and maintain a value system, use this value system to decide whether actions are morally acceptable, be aware of and adapt to the value systems of its users. For this project, funded by the EU, we collaborate with other European institutions (CISIC Barcelona, Institut Mar d’Investigacions Mediques, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Ghent University, Studio Stelluti) to develop value-aware AI components based on actual neuroscientific models. The aim is to account for moral values alignment in the machine decisional process, in a way that makes both the system’s decisions and its core values transparent and improves the human agency when interacting with the machine. Sony CSL will also implement this new AI tool for viewpoints detections in the news items, to raise awareness on the plurality of voices in the public discourse while improving the user’s fruition of information (e.g., a way to escape echo chambers).