Kevin Morel

Kevin Morel


Kevin Morel is a research fellow at INRAE specializing in the analysis and evaluation of the sustainability of agroecological systems using participatory research approaches.

What digital technology for agroecology? Reflection based on a tool to help design market gardening systems: La Pépinière-Mesclun

Digital technology is increasingly presented as a pillar of the transition of agricultural systems towards sustainability but it is subject to controversy, particularly in agroecological networks which can see the dangers of loss of autonomy, cost overload and of resource consumption. However, agroecological systems can bring a certain complexity to their design and management to which digital technology could be a response. Reflections on this subject will be carried out based on the Mesclun participatory action research project, involving a diversity of private, public actors and farmers. The development and operation of the Pépinière-Mesclun, a digital tool to assist in the planning and evaluation of market gardening systems will be presented. From this case study, an analysis will be carried out on the expected characteristics of a digital decision support tool to be deemed relevant and legitimate by agroecological networks in the field.