Lana Sinapayen

Lana Sinapayen

Sony CSL Kyoto

Artificial Life and Artificial Intelligence researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Japan. She specialises in predictive coding (the role of prediction in intelligence), artificial perception (sensory illusions in neural networks), and measures of complexity. She has a keen interest in all forms of intelligence, especially the unexpected ones. She is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Artificial Life and is involved in outreach and equity for the International Society for Artificial Life. She is also a member of the Early Career Advisory Group for the eLife Journal, and is currently working on a web platform for collaborative open science called “Mimosa”.

Research activity of Sony CSL Kyoto

Human augmentation, Citizen-Built Cities, and Artificial Life: Research activity of Sony Computer Science Laboratories Kyoto. The talk will present the history of how and why we created this new lab and what the different members have been working on, including some of the more Kyoto-focused projects.