Marco Delmastro

Marco Delmastro

Marco Delmastro is a social scientist, author of several books and scientific publications. For his research achievements, he has obtained national scientific qualifications as a Full Professor in Economics, Political Economy, and Applied Economics. Marco was Director at Agcom (i.e., the Italian Regulator of the Communication Sector), and he is currently on sabbatical at CREF – Enrico Fermi Research Center (Rome) and Ca’ Foscari University (Venice). He is also a member of IRIS Academic Research Group.

The debate on vaccination: before and during the pandemic

The presentation addresses the debate on vaccinations in Italy through an analysis of social posts, and reactions, from more than 600 news sources in Italy over the period 2016-2021. The employed methodology of data processing, indicators, as well as statistical techniques will be presented. Research results show the impact of source reliability on news engagement, as well as the different relevance of various vaccination topics.