Matthias Demoucron PhD

Matthias Demoucron PhD

Sony Computer Science Laboratories Paris

I develop new technologies for music, but I am also passionate about technology enhanced learning and new artistic experiences based on innovation. In these domains, I like to see myself at the edge of an ancient world where I feel comfortable and a new exciting world to explore. On one hand, my strong classical music education led me to value traditions, time-consuming activities, and skills acquired through hard work. On the other hand, whatever the problem at hand, I cannot prevent myself from trying to find technological ways to solve it, optimize its resolution, make it easier and more efficient. I think that technology can help us get rid of tedious tasks in order to focus on creativity, but I also think that this process can eventually open up new paths for expressivity and some sort of innovative crafts based on technologies.

Hello lab presentation

This presentation aims at introducing myself and my previous work to the lab. After a short introduction about Brussels and Belgian beers, I will describe the academic work that I have carried out during my PhD at IRCAM (Paris), about the modelling and control of virtual violins based on physical modelling, and my post-doctorate at IPEM (Ghent University, Belgium), about the monitoring of music performance. Then, I will introduce my subsequent work as a freelance, developing personal projects (FingerFiddle, a virtual instrument on mobile devices) and working for customers (e.g. the series of app Talenschool, for the baroque orchestra Les Talens Lyriques). Finally, I will present my activity at SonyCSL, within the music team, and some personal thoughts about the relation between AI and music production.