Pablo Jensen

CNSR-ENS of Lyon

Pablo Jensen is a researcher at the CNRS, member of the physics laboratory of the ENS of Lyon. His research focuses on the epistemological and political issues raised by social modeling. Concerned by the profound ecological mutation, he co-founded the Fabrique des Questions Simples ( He is the author of “Des atomes dans mon café crème” (Seuil, 2001), “Your Life in Numbers” (Springer, 2021) and “Deep Earnings. Le néoliberalisme au coeur des réseaux de neurones” (C&F Editions, 2021).

Deep Earnings: the surprising link between neural networks and neoliberalism

Frank Rosenblatt, who invented the Perceptron in 1958, cited, as a major source of his inspiration, an obscure book by economist Friedrich von Hayek (“The sensory order”). Since Hayek is widely known as the leading ideologue of neoliberalism, one wonders what the connection is between neural networks and free markets. Do they share a common vision of society and if so, what is it?