Sony CSL

Riccardo Di Clemente

The Digital Traces of our Everyday Activities Reveal our Urban Lifestyles

Is it possible to capture the socio-economic footprint of human behavior in our cities or neighborhoods? Nowadays, all human activities, ranging from the people we call, the places we visit, the things we eat, and the products we buy, generate data. This can be analyzed over long periods to paint a comprehensive portrait of human behavior within the city boundaries. These geolocated digital traces, when combined with other information streams from the national census, or google API, can be used to extract information about the potential needs and the routines in the collective behavior of different groups of citizens. We will analyze this data to understand the extent to which the urban activities of different population groups or communities are driven by both socio-economic differences and cities’ structure. This new quantitative approach will provide new insights for more inclusive policies to help future urban development.