Unsupervised inference approach to facial attractiveness

Sony CSL

<p>The perception of facial attractiveness is a complex phenomenon which depends on how the observer perceives not only individual facial features, but also their mutual influence and interplay. In the machine learning community, this problem is typically tackled as a problem of regression of the subject-averaged rating assigned to natural faces. However, it has been […]

Hamiltonian Modeling of Macro-Economic Urban Dynamics

Sony CSL

The rapid urbanization makes the understanding of the evolution of urban environments of utmost importance to steer societies towards better futures. Many studies have focused on the emerging properties of cities, leading to the discovery of scaling laws mirroring the dependence of socio-economic indicators on city sizes. However, few efforts have been devoted to the […]

Automated vegetable growth analysis from outdoor images acquired with a cablebot

Computer vision methods in plant phenotyping made great improvements with the introduction of deep learning algorithms and plant monitoring devices. This offers the possibility to study the growth of plants at large scale. It should be noted that a large portion of the research is dedicated to indoor plant cultivation. This is in part due […]