Finding successful strategies in a complex urban sustainability game

Sony CSL

The adverse effects of unsustainable behaviors on human society are leading to an increasingly urgent and critical need to change policies and practices worldwide. This requires that citizens become informed and engaged in participatory governance and measures leading to sustainable futures. Citizens’ understanding of the inherent complexity of sustainable systems is a necessary (though generally […]

Impact analysis of COVID-19 responses on energy grid dynamics in Europe

Sony CSL

COVID-19, Electricity consumption, Electricity generation, Governmental restrictions, Renewable share, Electricity grid&#8221;,</p> <p>abstract = &#8220;When COVID-19 pandemic spread in Europe, governments imposed unprecedented confinement measures with mostly unknown repercussions on contemporary societies. In some cases, a considerable drop in energy consumption was observed, anticipating a scenario of sizable low-cost energy generation, from renewable sources, expected only […]

Multi-scale Space-time Registration of Growing Plants

In this paper, we introduce a new method for the space-time registration of a growing plant that is based on matching the plant at different geometric scales. The proposed method starts with the creation of a topological skeleton of the plant at each time step. This skeleton is then used to segment the plant into […]

Intrinsic motivation and episodic memories for robot exploration of high-dimensional sensory spaces

This work presents an architecture that generates curiosity-driven goal-directed exploration behaviours for an image sensor of a microfarming robot. A combination of deep neural networks for offline unsupervised learning of low-dimensional features from images and of online learning of shallow neural networks representing the inverse and forward kinematics of the system have been used. The […]

Transferring PointNet++ segmentation from virtual to real plants

One of the biggest challenges of deep neural network to perform segmentation of point clouds is the requirement of large amount of annotated data, which is expensive in terms of manual labour and time. For the case of plants, there is a scarcity of datasets to train the networks to perform organ segmentation for automated […]