The FCG Editor: An innovative environment for engineering computational construction grammars


Since its inception in the mid-eighties, the field of construction grammar has been steadily growing and constructionist approaches to language have by now become a mainstream paradigm for linguistic research. While the construction grammar community has traditionally focused on theoretical, experimental and corpus-based research, the importance of computational methodologies is now rapidly increasing. This movement has led to the establishment of a number of exploratory computational construction grammar formalisms, which facilitate the implementation of construction grammars, as well as their use for language processing purposes. Yet, implementing large grammars using these formalisms still remains a challenging task, partly due to a lack of powerful and user-friendly tools for computational construction grammar engineering. In order to overcome this obstacle, this paper introduces the FCG Editor, a dedicated and innovative integrated development environment for the Fluid Construction Grammar formalism. Offering a straightforward installation and a user-friendly, interactive interface, the FCG Editor is an accessible, yet powerful tool for construction grammarians who wish to operationalise their construction grammar insights and analyses in order to computationally verify them, corroborate them with corpus data, or integrate them in language technology applications.

Published/Presented: Public Library of Science
Journal: PLOS ONE
Page: 1-27
Volume: 17