Amaury Delort

Assistant Researcher


It has never been easier than today to become a music producer. All you need is a cheap computer and a bit of imagination. This drastic change in the music industry has logically led to an explosion in the number of songs produced throughout the world over the past decades. While the variety and efficiency of the tools available for music production increase, the key aspect for a music producer is to focus on creativity in order to keep the inspiration going. In that sense, I believe that we can create innovative tools based on A.I. to enhance artists’ creativity. The goal will never be to replace artists, but to give them extra tools that will help them to explore further than ever before. These tools need to be very easy to use, interactive and almost invisible to fit in any artist workflow. In order to achieve this task, my job is to gather and clean data on one hand, and insert the tools we create in a music production context on the other hand to ensure their compatibility with modern production methods.

On the creative process The creative process can be viewed...
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