Computational agroecology: should we bet the microfarm on it?

Paper presented at Eighth Workshop on Computing within Limits 2022.  Current imaginaries for the future of food production are often set on two opposite sides, either digital technologies enabling higher productivity at a large scale, or small-scale diversified farming that minimizes the use of digital technology. However, computational agroecology is starting to explore the space […]

Resonances at Fundamental and Harmonic Frequencies for Selective Imaging of Sine‐Wave Illuminated Reversibly Photoactivatable Labels

We introduce HIGHLIGHT as a simple and general strategy to selectively image a reversibly photoactivatable fluorescent label associated with a given kinetics. The label is submitted to sine-wave illumination of large amplitude, which generates oscillations of its concentration and fluorescence at higher harmonic frequencies. For singularizing a label, HIGHLIGHT uses specific frequencies and mean light […]

Extra kinetic dimensions for label discrimination

Due to its sensitivity and versatility, fluorescence is widely used to detect specifically labeled biomolecules. However, fluorescence is currently limited by label discrimination, which suffers from the broad full width of the absorption/emission bands and the narrow lifetime distribution of the bright fluorophores. We overcome this limitation by introducing extra kinetic dimensions through illuminations of […]

The FCG Editor: An innovative environment for engineering computational construction grammars

Sony CSL

Since its inception in the mid-eighties, the field of construction grammar has been steadily growing and constructionist approaches to language have by now become a mainstream paradigm for linguistic research. While the construction grammar community has traditionally focused on theoretical, experimental and corpus-based research, the importance of computational methodologies is now rapidly increasing. This movement […]

Narratives in Historical Sciences

Sony CSL

Misinformation threatens our societies, but little is known about how the production of news by unreliable sources relates to supply and demand dynamics. We exploit the burst of news production triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak through an Italian database partially annotated for questionable sources. We compare news supply with news demand, as captured by Google […]

Interactive Concept-map Based Summaries for SEND Children

Equitable and inclusive quality education is a human right. It is crucial to provide for the learning needs of every child, especially those with learning disabilities. Traditional approaches to learning propose education paths performed with speech therapists. One of the most efficient strategies to help children with reading comprehension difficulties is the creation of a […]

On Scaling and Models of Language Evolution

Computational models of language evolution offer important insights for explaining the emergence and evolution of human languages. However, such models have recently been criticized for being computationally intractable. The goal of this paper is to show that this criticism is misleading because it reduces all models of language evolution to only a specific subset of […]